Moving Data into SQL Option for DB2

SQL Option for DB2 is a relational DBMS designed to mimic mainframe DB2 in Windows environments. In addition to providing support for your COBOL environment, SQL Option for DB2 provides support for the batch data migration environment, including the batch utilities DSNUTILB and DSNTEP2. We suggest that you use these utilities when moving test data from Data Manager into Enterprise Test Server.

This is the basic workflow for moving your test data:
  • Use the SQL Option for DB2 Migrate tool to move the schema for your test data into a file that can be used with DSNTEP2, or move your schema directly into your XDB location
  • Use the MFA Drag and Drop Facility to move your test data from the mainframe to your PC, via the user interface or the batch Auto-catalog function
  • Use the SQL Option for DB2 DSNUTILB utility to import your test data into an XDB database

This Red Book assumes that you have already successfully set up XDB Link for connectivity to the mainframe, and have your XDB server up and running. See your SQL Option for DB2 documentation for additional details.