Data Manager is basically a Windows-based user interface that communicates with a z/OS engine.

The user interface is composed of three separate modules:
  • Data Builder
  • Data Masking
  • Data Subset Extraction

You can access these from Start > All Programs > Micro Focus Enterprise Test Server > Data Tools > Data Manager.

The engine runs on z/OS, and is a part of your DB2 environment. The engine is comprised of a knowledge base containing 73 DB2 tables, and a set of batch jobs running on z/OS.

The knowledge base contains both information about environment structure, as well as rules for masking and subsetting. The modules contained in Data Builder, Data Masking, and Data Subset Extraction running on the Windows platform interact with the knowledge base on z/OS via the Borland Database Engine (distributed with Enterprise Test Server) and IBM DB2 Connect, which is required as prerequisite third-party software that must be installed before using Data Manager.