Data Manager Red Book

This Data Manager Red Book defines best practices for its effective use in a test server environment.

Data Manager masks and subsets mainframe DB2 data, enabling you to move the transformed data into SQL Option for DB2, which is a common DBMS used in test server environments. Masking and/or reducing your mainframe DB2 data before you move it into Enterprise Test Server provides a robust and efficient environment for testing application using SQL.

Reading this Red Book prepares you to:
  • Mask and reduce mainframe DB2 data with Data Manager
  • Create sequential files that contain the masked and reduced data with Data Manager
  • Move the masked and reduced data into SQL Option for DB2
    • Initially moving the mainframe DB2 schema
    • Subsequently moving the actual data
Note: This Red Book gives specific guidance on how to accomplish several tasks using Data Manager and SQL Option for DB2. However, the procedures described are presented as examples only. We do not intend for you to perform these procedures yourself. For hands-on experience, see the Data Manager and SQL Option for DB2 documentation for step-by-step tutorials you can complete in their entirety.