Promoting Files in AccuRev with Synchronization to Endevor

  1. To promote a file from the AccuRev Workspace to a gated stream which triggers an on-demand synchronization to Endevor, either select Team/Promote from the context menu of selected AccuRev workspace files, or use the toolbar promote icon from selected Micro Focus COBOL or PL/I project files linked to AccuRev.
    Note: The AccuRev team context menu is not available when selecting resources which are linked to AccuRev, like in Micro Focus COBOL or PL/1 projects. But the AccuRev toolbar icons are available on those linked resources supporting the most important AccuRev functions directly when working in the project context.
  2. This promote function requires the developer's mainframe and AccuRev credentials. The user is asked only once per Enterprise Developer session for the mainframe credentials and only once per Enterprise Sync session for the AccuRev credentials. Thus, a credentials dialog may pop up, if the first promote is called.
  3. On the promote dialog specify an Endevor CCID and a Comment used for AccuRev and Endevor and pass Endevor processing options, for example, whether to generate the selected Endevor elements or to override existing sign-outs. For each element in the list it is possible to change the Endevor Processor Group.
    Note: At any time before promoting, the developer could use the AccuRev Keep action to save his changes in the AccuRev depot on the server. This means that his changes are managed centrally by AccuRev.
  4. Before executing the Promote function, the Application Explorer view has displayed decorators showing that there are modified files in the workspace. The synchronization is executed on demand on the server side. The file status changes directly to (backed) and the Properties view shows that the file has been promoted to the gated stream.
    Note: The Enterprise Developer IDE is not blocked during the running synchronization.
    If an on demand synchronization has been executed successfully, Enterprise Developer displays the storage decorator on the AccuRev workspace icon with a green background, otherwise, it will display with a red background and a popup message is displayed containing the Endevor error message and the Endevor message text. For example, if the promoted file was already signed-out to another user and override sign-out wasn't specified on the promote dialog the following error message would be displayed: