Using AccuRev and Endevor with Enterprise Developer

With Enterprise Sync you can configure and implement an automatic process which keeps Endevor and AccuRev objects in sync.

Depending on the degree of maturity of the existing application development process, different scenarios can be implemented as a starting point, supporting developers with a modern IDE based on Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Sync.

Although the last scenario provides the best support by combining an integrated distributed SCM process with a mainframe SCM tool, it is crucial to understand that Enterprise Sync doesn't require you to implement this step initially. The Micro Focus enterprise product offerings based on Enterprise Developer, Enterprise Analyzer, Enterprise Server, Enterprise Test Server and Enterprise Sync allow introducing a long-term, incremental migration process from an ISPF-based development environment to a modern Eclipse-based development environment.

In this context, Enterprise Sync is an important component which extends the existing mainframe SCM features to the distributed platform without the pre-requisite to first migrate from the mainframe SCM system to a new distributed SCM system. Instead, the objects of the mainframe SCM system are kept in sync with the distributed SCM system.