Creating an AccuRev Workspace

A developer needs his own AccuRev workspace which must be associated to an Eclipse project before he can start working on files.

In Enterprise Developer, the following steps must be executed creating a new workspace and associating this workspace with an Eclipse project.

  1. In the Application Explorer view on the AccuRev Workspace entry select New > Project… from the context menu.
  2. In the New Project wizard select AccuRev > Project from AccuRev and click Next.
  3. Select the AccuRev server address and port (port 5050 is installation default). Then select the AccuRev depot and the gated stream which you want to use as a basis for creating an AccuRev workspace. You may have to login to AccuRev first. Then click Next.

    For the configuration used in this book the stream ACCUTST1_TEST_GATE would be the right selection for planning file changes based on the ACCUTST1_TEST stream which is mirrored with the Endevor TEST stage.

    For emergency changes, the selection of ACCUTST1_EMER_GATE would be the right one.

    If the AccuRev workspace already exists but is not connected to an Eclipse project, then select the workspace in this dialog.

  4. Enter an unique new AccuRev workspace name. This could be the same name as the parent stream, because AccuRev will add your user name automatically. Specify a path on your disk outside the Eclipse workspace (e.g. c:\microfocus\esd\) and then click Next.
  5. Enter an unique new Eclipse project name and then click Next.
  6. Create the workspace in a General Eclipse Project. Then click Next and then Finish on the next dialog to create the AccuRev workspace in a general Eclipse project.

    We recommend selecting a general Eclipse project. This has the advantage to decide later on which AccuRev workspace files or folders you want to add to an Micro Focus Cobol or PL/I project.

    As an alternative you could directly select an Micro Focus project in this dialog. By doing this you would map the complete AccuRev workspace with a Micro Focus project.

  7. Refresh the AccuRev Workspace entry in the Application Explorer view to see the created Eclipse projects which are associated to an AccuRev workspace.