Resolving Conflicts in AccuRev

Caused by synchronized changes from Endevor to AccuRev or by changes promoted in AccuRev by other users, your local workspace might contain changed files which are now in conflict with changes promoted to a parent stream. There are several ways how Enterprise Developer supports analyzing and resolving such conflicts.

  1. The Team Developer Tree and Table view displays the AccuRev status. Use Team > Refresh > Selected Projects from the context menu making sure that the all status information is up-to-date. The overlap status should be displayed if workspace files are in conflict with parent stream files.
  2. Or, use the Synchronize with AccuRev Repository toolbar icon or Team > Synchronize with AccuRev Repository from the context menu to open the Synchronize view and manage the conflicting files in this view.
  3. To analyze who has done which changes, use TeamVersion Browser to get a graphical overview of changes.
  4. Either from the Version Browser or from the context menu, you can use the Annotate action and easily see who has done which change within a file version.
  5. In the Version Browser, you could switch to the History view or from the context menu you could use the Team > Show AccuRev History action and easily see when changes were applied to AccuRev.
  6. The support for comparing file versions is available in many places. For example, navigate to an AccuRev workspace file and select Compare With > AccuRev Revision from the context menu.
  7. Then select the revision from the History list and a Text Compare window shows both files in compare mode.
  8. For conflicting files, the Promote action is disabled and the Merge action has to be used first to resolve the conflict. This action is also available on the toolbar .
  9. Click Team > Merge to open the AccuRev Diff Editor which easily supports merging to different AccuRev file versions.
  10. After merging the overlap status disappears and the file is eligible for the next promote. Select an item, use the context menu and click Team > Promote.