Moving Files in Endevor and Synchronizing to AccuRev

  1. To Move an Endevor element to the next stage, navigate to an Endevor element and select Actions > Move from the context menu.
    Note: Several elements could be moved together to the next stage. Either use Mass Actions > Move from the context menu or add Move commands to an Endevor change package and execute this package.
  2. On the Move dialog enter a CCID, a Comment and select additional optional Move options and then click OK.
  3. A pop-up dialog window displays the main Move results. A more detailed protocol is opened in the editor as well and the entry in the table view has the new property values associated automatically.
  4. The changes done by the Endevor Move command are synchronized to AccuRev. This could lead to a status change in AccuRev. Use Team > Refresh > Selected Projects from the context menu making sure that the all status information is up-to-date.