Navigating to Endevor Elements

Enterprise Developer provides full access to Endevor on the mainframe. There are several ways navigating to Endevor elements.
  1. The Application Explorer view supports a step by step navigation to the elements starting on the environment level. Expand the Endevor entry several times until the element level is displayed:
    Note: An element list retrieved from the tree view displays elements existing in the selected stage only. This view does not support stage concatenation.
  2. Endevor users usually prefer table views and using filter criteria to create the elements of interest in a table view. This is supported in Enterprise Developer as well. In the Filter Definitions view, define a new element filter by specifying search and display criteria:
  3. Saving this filter with OK and double-clicking on the filter entry displays the result in the Table Results view. The example list displayed below lists BBANK50P twice, which is existing in stage TEST and PROD, because the flag Build Using Map was set but not Return First Found.
  4. The Endevor element's context menu in the tree or table view supports all Endevor commands which can be executed on elements.