Editing Files in COBOL or PL/I Projects Linked to AccuRev

  1. Before editing a file, a user may want to check the current status of the file in AccuRev. By doing this he has also access to the Endevor information. When selecting a file in the AccuRev workspace or selecting a linked AccuRev workspace file in a COBOL or PL/I project, the Properties view shows all AccuRev and Endevor attributes of interest.

    The tree view label directly displays the status in AccuRev. In the sample above the Properties view shows that the file is currently only available in the production stage and it has been already signed-out in Endevor.

  2. Although the developer could edit the file directly in the AccuRev workspace, it makes sense to link the file into a Micro Focus COBOL or PL/I project to get the full Enterprise Developer editor, build and debugging support. See Linking AccuRev Files into Micro Focus COBOL or PL/I Projects. Opening the editor from the COBOL project context provides access to the dependent copybooks, program structure, content assist, error markers etc.
  3. Saving and closing the file builds the executable module.
  4. The status of the file changes to (modified). This status is visible in all views which are referencing this AccuRev workspace entry, for example in Team Developer Table view.