Installing Enterprise Developer

The installation of Enterprise Developer for Eclipse is a pre-requisite for using Enterprise Sync. Refer to the Release Notes for the supported version.

You will find the installation instructions for Enterprise Developer in the Micro Focus Documentation Info Center .

The following installations are required:

Mainframe installations
Mainframe Access Server
Supports the synchronization with CA Endevor as well as accessing mainframe functions through Enterprise Developer. The Enterprise Sync synchronization process requires the communication with this server.
Supports the direct access to Endevor through Enterprise Developer. If a direct mainframe connection in Enterprise Developer is not required, then the z/Server installation is not necessary. The Enterprise Sync synchronization process doesn't use the z/Server.
Client installations
Enterprise Developer for Eclipse Client
The component has to be installed on all developer machines. The integration with Enterprise Sync requires additional installations. See:
  • Installing the AccuRev Eclipse Plugin
  • Installing the AWM AccuRev Function Package