Defining a Data Source

  1. On the dashboard, click the Data Sources tab.
  2. Above the Data Sources list, click Create New Data Source.
  3. On the dialog box that opens, complete the Name and Product fields:
    New Data Source Name
    Enter a unique name for your data source.
    Data Source Product
    The products that are available in the list are the connectors provided by Enterprise Sync.
  4. Click Add Data Source. Your data source is added to the list of data sources. Select it to edit it. The data source pane is refreshed with additional fields that are specific to that product. Refer to the next chapters for defining the data sources of the supported products.
  5. After editing the data source fields click Save Changes.
Note: The bottom pane already displays a Type with the name ChangeSet. There is no need for making any changes within this pane.