Mapping Rules

Endevor Stages are mapped to streams in AccuRev.

By default, when synchronizing files from Endevor to AccuRev, the Endevor logical element structure in stages using system, subsystem and type are converted into directories within streams.

This is translated to the following path structure: FINANCE\ACCTPAY\COBOL\FINAPP01.cbl.

There are, however, cases when you would want to overwrite this default behavior:

Note: This path mapping does neither depend on the Endevor type nor on the stage. The Endevor type must be part of the AccuRev directory structure and is therefore not required in the properties file. The Endevor stage is not relevant, because a synchronization from AccuRev to Endevor only updates the Endevor entry stage in an environment and therefore it is not required for Enterprise Sync to know in which Endevor stage within an environment the systems and subsystems are valid names.