Installing the Trigger for Defunct Deactivation and Read-Only Type Support

The trigger contains two samples which are deactivating the AccuRev Defunct function and disallowing the Keep Function for files associated to Endevor Types which are defined as read-only.

Note: Endevor doesn't support an equivalent function for the AccuRev Defunct command. Therefore a Defunct cannot be synchronized to Endevor. Therefore we strongly recommend deactivating Defunct in Depots which are connected to Endevor.

If you are using text files in Endevor which a developer should not update, then Enterprise Sync allows you configures such rules. For example you want to synchronize generated DB2 DCLGEN files to AccuRev, but do not want to allow updates to these generated sources. This trigger verify those configured rules and rejects the Keep command for corresponding read-only files.

  1. Edit the file in the temporary folder and make the following customizations:
    • Verify, and if necessary, customize the path to the AccuRev executable:
      $::AccuRev = "C:\\PROGRA~1\\accurev\\bin\\accurev.exe";
    • Customize the homepath to the defined triggeruser folder:
      # Windows Example
      $ENV{'HOMEDRIVE'} = "c:";
      $ENV{'HOMEPATH'} = "\\Users\\triggeruser";
    Note: You have to use Windows short names, if a folder contains spaces. Verify the names using DIR /X on the command prompt.
  2. Save the Perl script and copy this trigger from the temporary folder to the triggers folder under the depot folder. For our sample depot this would be by installation default the path: C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\depots\MyEnterprise\triggers Create the triggers folder first, if it doesn't exist.
  3. Enter the following commands in the command window
    cd C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\depots\MyEnterprise\triggers
    perl -wc
    Note: The last command verifies that the syntax of the Perl script. You should receive the message syntax OK.
  4. Verify that a bat file server_preop_trig.bat has been generated in the triggers folder.
    Note: The existence of the bat file is sufficient to activate this master trigger. You would have to change the file name (not the suffix!) if you want to deactivate this trigger.