Define AccuRev Stream Structure

A Bankdemo sample is used to illustrate how to define one possible stream structure which is consistent with the structure defined in Endevor. It is assumed that there are two Endevor environments with the stages TEST and QA in environment SMPLTEST and with the stages EMER and PROD in environment SMPLPROD. Further on we want to manage Endevor subsystems in different streams.

Note: This rule used here is not a restriction of Enterprise Sync, it's a design decision for this specific sample. In general it is possible to synchronize several Endevor systems or subsystems into only one AccuRev stream.
The following sample uses the streams BANKDEMO_PROD, BANKDEMO_EMER, BANKDEMO_QA, BANKDEMO_TEST, BANKDEMO_TEST_GATE and BANKDEMO_EMER_GATE structured as shown in the image below. It is assumed that the corresponding Endevor installation contains two Endevor environments: environment SMPLPROD with the stage 1 EMER and stage 2 PROD and environment SMPLTEST with stage 1 TEST and stage 2 QA.
  • All streams used for synchronization must be defined in AccuRev before configuring the synchronization rules.
  • We do not recommend using the root stream MyEnterprise as the stream used for synchronization of the Endevor production stage.
  • It is required to define a gated stream as a child of a dynamic stream, if you want to synchronize the content of this stream from AccuRev to Endevor. No gated streams are used if you want to synchronize files from Endevor to AccuRev.

To define a stream, select an existing stream and use File > New > Stream. Don't forget to select the Stream Type Gated Stream where required.