Installing the AccuRev Server

Enterprise Sync requires the special AccuRev release 6.2.3-ES-HF1.

Note: Enterprise Sync does not support AccuRev 6.2.3 or AccuRev 7.

For the general system requirements for AccuRev and the installation instructions, please refer to the AccuRev Installation and Release Notes: .

If the AccuRev Server is installed on a Microsoft Windows-supported platform, Perl support has to be installed in addition. Download the Perl distribution from Use either the commercial ActiveState Perl or the Strawberry Perl distribution.

Important: Some specific installation options are required when installing the AccuRev server. Therefore, read the following instruction carefully before installing the AccuRev server.
Important: Disable Replica Support

If you are installing the AccuRev server on an existing database:

When installing and pointing to existing storage, you must truncate the site.row_history_deleted table. There will be a log message at server startup: Enabling/Disabling site replica triggers. For Enterprise Sync installation it needs to be disabling.

Use the following psql command from the command line:

…\AccuRev\postgresql\bin\ psql -U postgres -d accurev -p 5075 -c "TRUNCATE site.row_deleted_history;"

Verify the state of the replica triggers in the second line in acserver.log.

If this hasn't been done in the main AccuRev server log at the very beginning it will show:

yyyy/mm/dd 13:51:05.154+00:00 Enabled the site replica triggers

If it's fixed it show:

yyyy/mm/dd 07:27:48.103+00:00 Disabled the site replica triggers
  1. Replicas are not supported in combination with Enterprise Sync. Therefore you must select the option No replication when installing the AccuRev server.
  2. The integration of Enterprise Sync in Enterprise Developer requires the AccuRev WebUI server. At the end of your AccuRev server installation you may want to start the WebUI server directly.
Additional AccuRev server configuration steps are required for Enterprise Sync and for accessing the AccuRev WebUI through Enterprise Developer. See chapter AccuRev Server Configuration for details