AccuRev Server Configuration

The following steps have to be execute on the machine where the AccuRev server is installed.
  1. Stop the AccuRev Server and AccuRev Tomcat. The user interface for starting and stopping the services varies by platform: • : • :
    The acserverctl command-line utility.
    The Services control panel.
    You will find details in the AccuRev Administraor’s Guide .
  2. It is required to define the AccuRev synchronization user in the AccuRev server's configuration file. To do this, edit the acserver.cnf file and add a CC_USER line referencing the defined AccuRev user which should be used to support the synchronization process. You will find this configuration file in the bin directory of the AccuRev installation path, by default C:\Program Files\AccuRev\bin. A sample entry looks like this one:
    # Enterprise Sync User
    CC_USER = syncuser
    Important: The CC_USER and the user configured later during the Enterprise Sync configuration in the AccuRev data source must be the same.

    Then save and close this file.

  3. In addition it's required to make the AccuRev WebUI available through Enterprise Developer. Create a settings file settings.xml in the config directory where the AccuRev database is installed, by default in: C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\site_slice\dispatch\config.

    Add the following content to the file:

     <webui url="http://###.#.#.#:####/accurev"/>
    Note: Replace the numbers with the IP Address of the AccuRev server followed by the AccuRev Tomcat server's port number. The default port number is 8080.
  4. Restart the AccuRev server and AccuRev Tomcat.