AccuRev Data Source Fields

Before defining the AccuRev data source, make sure that AccuRev is installed and configured.

Then, define a new data source for AccuRev using the Create New Data Source button with a unique name (for example AccuRevDS) and by selecting the product AccuRev from the list of the supported products.

Enter the following values on the Update Data Source Property Values pane and don't forget to save the changes after entering the values. Saving the changes will already verify some values entered on the pane and will also verify the connection to the AccuRev server.

Note: After saving the AccuRev data source Micro Focus strongly recommends to define an AccuRev Authenticator for this data source. This authenticator is required to support the on demand synchronization process from AccuRev and in addition an AccuRev user can be used for accessing the Enterprise Sync configuration user interface next time instead of using the default authenticator.
AccuRev Port
The AccuRev server's port, by installation default 5050.
AccuRev Server
The AccuRev's server address
Change Package CCID Field Name
If AccuRev issue tracking is used and Enterprise Sync is configured to synchronize issues between two data sources, then this is a property that must exist on AccuRev issues. The default value is ccid . If this property does not exist in the AccuRev schema, it will be automatically added. If an AccuRev schema does not exist in the AccuRev Depot, then a default one will be installed automatically, if required.
Change Package Stream-Name Field Name
This contains the entry stream when synchronizing from Endevor to AccuRev with Change Package support. For more information, see Change Package Support.
Depot Name
The AccuRev depot which is source or target of a synchronization connection which uses this data source.
Note: If you want to support different AccuRev depots, then you have to define one AccuRev data source for each depot.
Exclude List
This is a colon separated string that does pattern matching against files and can be used to exclude files from sync operations. If you add a directory named source in AccuRev and you don't want it to sync, the exclude list would include source. If there was a specific file in directory docs you don't want it to sync, for example, docs\readme.txt you would include that in the string. So multiples would look like: source:docs\readme.txt:bin

This would exclude elements at the root of your AccuRev streams and workspaces source, bin and the file docs\readme.txt.

Full Path to AccuRev Executables
If AccuRev is not installed separately on this machine, you will find the path to the AccuRev executable in a sub directory of the Enterprise Sync installation path, by installation default here: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Enterprise Sync\connectors\accurev\accurev.
The AccuRev password for the user defined below.
Retrieve Changes Using Change Package
This is only relevant for synchronizations to AccuRev and only applies when a CCID value is provided from changes during synchronizations to AccuRev. If true, a synchronized file will be associated to all AccuRev Issues having the specified CCID value (see Change Package Field Name above). If no Issue exists with the specified CCID value, a new Issue will be generated, with the specified CCID value, and the file will be associated to the new Issue. If false , file changes are synchronized to AccuRev, but not associated to an Issue, even if an AccuRev Issue with the specified CCID value exists.
Store Changes Using Change Package
This is only relevant for synchronizations from AccuRev and only applies when the CCID field is associated to the AccuRev schema and a user selects at least one AccuRev issue which has a CCID value associated when promoting files. If true , a synchronized file from AccuRev will provide the target system with the first issue's CCID (see Change Package Field Name above).
Time OffSet
You can leave this blank.
User Name
This AccuRev user name is used by Enterprise Sync as the login user. This user name must match the CC_USER name required in the AccuRev server's configuration file (see Modify the acserver.cnf File .)