Server Components

Micro Focus Mainframe Access Server

Mainframe Access Server is a mainframe server component that communicates with Endevor.

Enterprise Sync Server

The Micro Focus Enterprise Sync Server components synchronize sources and meta data between the SCM on the mainframe and sources managed on a distributed platform. The server components that make up Enterprise Sync include:

Mainframe Access Client
Communicates with Mainframe SCCM through the MFA Server.
AccuRev Client
End-users and client programs perform operations on the AccuRev client. Operations can take place from the command line, AccuRev GUI, Web UI, or through an IDE Plugin. The client process is installed as part of the installation and communicates with the server process.
Micro Focus Connect
Manages and performs the synchronization process. It is the web-based interface for creating your configurations. It is often referred to as the Dashboard in this documentation.

AccuRev Server

AccuRev is a centralized version control system which uses a client/server model. The AccuRev Server maintains all the source and metadata within a data repository. The data repository is built around a database technology that is transaction-based and manages the tables as append-only. There is a server process installed as part of the AccuRev Server that manages the AccuRev repositories and handles all communication between the server and the AccuRev clients.

Micro Focus Workflow Manager Endevor Attachment

An Application Workflow Manager model that provides integration to Endevor and AccuRev tools and processes directly from an Enterprise Developer Eclipse project. Refer to the Enterprise Developer documentation for more details.