On-Demand Synchronization Support

The synchronization from AccuRev to Endevor is either triggered based on a configured time interval (for example all 30 minutes) or on demand when promoting files to an AccuRev gated stream whose parent stream is supporting a synchronization to Endevor.

Note: Based on the Endevor technology for adding files to an Endevor repository Micro Focus strongly recommends to configure an on demand synchronization process for all synchronizations from AccuRev to Endevor, because the on demand synchronization process uses the credentials of the user who has executed the promote in AccuRev and his corresponding mainframe credentials are used to sign-out the elements in Endevor.

In addition, the on demand synchronization process has some other advantages.

The following is required for supporting on demand synchronizations:

Thus, promoting files to the gated stream BANKDEMO_TEST_GATE triggers the on demand synchronization to Endevor, and only if this synchronization is executed successfully, the files are promoted to the target stream BANKDEMO_TEST.

When changes are promoted to the gated stream, the AccuRev server invokes a server-side trigger which provides the on demand synchronization support. Therefore the following rules apply:

If AccuRev detects that a promote function will lead to an on demand synchronization, a specific promote dialog pops up in Enterprise Developer which supports Endevor specific parameters: