Metadata Synchronization Support

The synchronization process supports metadata changes in Endevor and the synchronization of the following file based metadata:

Metadata name Description Sample value
ContentType The synchronized Type in AccuRev. Text or Ptext or Binary Text
Component VVLL the component's version and level number 0105
Element Name BBANK10P
Element Type COBOL
Element VVLL the element's version and level number 0100
Endevor Environment SMPLPROD
Endevor Subsystem BANKDEMO
Endevor System MFISYS
Generate Date Last generation date 16/11/15
Generate Time Last generation time 04:02:00
Generate User Last user who has generated the file MFIXXX
Last Action Date 16/11/15
Last Action Name SIGNIN
Last Action RC Last action return code 00000
Last Action Time 04:03:01
Last Action User MFIXXX
Nosource Is true, if no source is associated to the element in Endevor false
Processor Group CICS
Processor RC Return code of the processor 00004
ReadOnly Is true, if the file is configured to be read-only in AccuRev. This value is a result of a configuration rule. false
Signout User Contains only a user value, if the element is signed-out MFIXXX
Stage ID P
Stage Name PROD
Stage Number 2
Update Date 16/11/15
Update Time 04:03:01

In addition the following environment, stage, system or type specific metadata are synchronized to AccuRev:

Metadata name Description Sample value
Extension The element extension from Endevor (not the extension configured in Enterprise Sync) CBL
Processor Group Name List of valid Processor Groups CICS, CICSSP, CLENBL
Record Length Valid record length 00080
Text/Binary The content type in Endevor: T or B T

Some metadata are required by Enterprise Sync functions, for example:

The metadata are managed in AccuRev as stream properties. The file specific metadata are stored in the same stream where the file exists.

Enterprise Sync related project metadata are also stored in the corresponding stream.

All other metadata are stored as stream properties in the root stream.

Most of the metadata are displayed in the Enterprise Developer's Property View when selecting a file in the Team Developer perspective which is linked to AccuRev.

Although AccuRev file metadata are not synchronized to Endevor, Enterprise Sync supports accessing these metadata in Enterprise Developer.

The Properties view displays the following AccuRev metadata:

Metadata name Description Sample value
Element-ID This is a unique identifier for an AccuRev resource within its depot 388
Element Type Describes the content type of the resource in AccuRev. The valid values for the properties are TEXT, PTEXT or BINARY. PTEXT
Is Project shared with AccuRev Whether the corresponding Eclipse project is shared with AccuRev. Valid values are true or false 00080
Pathname Describes the location of an AccuRev resource. \.\COBOL\BBANK10P.cbl
Status File statuses in AccuRev are for example: backed or modified . (backed)
Stream The (backed) stream name of an AccuRev resource BANKDEMO_TEST
Stream Version The stream version of an AccuRev resource 2
Version The AccuRev Version name which is a concatenation of Stream and Stream Version BANKDEMO_TEST/2
The AWM model based integration of AccuRev and Endevor in Enterprise Developer supports accessing the corresponding file metadata where required. By default the supported metadata are displayed in the Properties view, some are visible as label decorators in the tree view and others as column values in the table views.