Specific Considerations when Defining AccuRev to Endevor Connections

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The following rules apply when defining connections based on an AccuRev and an Endevor data source:

  1. The Enterprise Sync server needs access to the AccuRev server and to the Mainframe Access Server when defining the connection.
  2. Endevor must be master in such a connection, the current release of Enterprise Sync does not support defining AccuRev as the master.
  3. Before defining projects, you have to create all required streams in AccuRev first because the project list requires the selection of exactly one stream as a project value. Multi selection of AccuRev streams is not supported when defining one project.
    Tip: The list displays all streams defined in AccuRev, but based on the implementation design you would normally select a dynamic stream as the target for a synchronization process with Endevor. Do not select a gated stream as the target. Although an AccuRev user may promote files to a gated stream, and by doing this triggering an on demand synchronization process, it is correct to define the corresponding project mapping with the parent dynamic stream.
  4. The selection list for an Endevor project displays all combinations of Endevor environments, stages, systems and subsystems for selection. Endevor subsystems are only displayed on this list, if the Endevor data source attribute Include Subsystem in Path is selected as true. Multi selection is supported. This allows mapping several Endevor systems and subsystems to one AccuRev stream.
    Note: For mapping several Endevor systems/subsystems to one stream, define only one project as described above instead of defining several projects with the same AccuRev stream.