ruleList is an explicitly-named list of files used by the analysis task. Defines the rules to be executed when performing code analysis.


Attribute Description Required
id The id of the list of rules. Use this id when you reference the list. No
refid Makes the ruleList instance a reference to another ruleList.

Note: If refid is specified, any other attributes or nested elements must not be set..


Parameters specified as nested elements


Use nested <rule> elements to specify what rules should be included in a ruleList.

Attribute Description Required
xmlFilePath Full path to the file that contains the rule. Yes
name Name of the rule. Yes
ruleSet The ruleSet that contains the rule. Yes
language Programming language the rules applies to. Yes


Specifying a number of rules:

<ruleList id="rule_set_1">
    <rule xmlFilePath="${rulesDir}\GeneralRules.xml" name="Choosing Efficient Computational Data Items - Declarations" language="COBOL" ruleSet="Cobol Performance"/>
    <rule xmlFilePath="${rulesDir}\GeneralRules.xml" name="Operations with Different Decimal Precision - Conditions" language="COBOL" ruleSet="Cobol Performance"/>
    <rule xmlFilePath="${rulesDir}\GeneralRules.xml" name="Uninitialized Data Items" language="COBOL" ruleSet="General Queries"/>

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