mfdirlist is an explicitly-named list of directives used by the asm, bms, cobol, ims and pli tasks, and can either appear inside one of these tasks or as a standalone type.


Attribute Description Required
debug If true, specifies that the directives list is associated with a program to be compiled for debugging. Defaults to false. No
refid Makes the mfdirlist instance in effect a reference to another mfdirlist instance. Note that attributes or nested elements must not be set if refid is specified. No

Parameters specified as nested elements


Use nested <directive> elements to name each directive in the list.

Attribute Description Required
name The name of the directive. Yes
value The value of the directive. No


Use nested <directives> elements to specify a set of directives to be used by the compiler.

Attribute Description Required
value Set of directives to be used by the compiler. Yes

<directive> and <directives> elements may be used in the same list.


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