Link a PL/I application.


Attribute Description Required
additionaloptions Specify additional options that are to be included on the linker command line. Defaults to "". No
destdir The name of the directory where the linked application is to be written. Defaults to the current directory. No
destfile The name of the executable that is to be created. Yes
desttype The type of application the linker is to produce. The value of this attribute must be one of "exe", "dll" or "lib". Note that linker output varies depending on the target platform. The attribute exe will generate an executable with extension ".exe" on Windows and an executable with no extension on UNIX. The attribute dll will generate a dynamic link library with extension ".dll" on Windows and a shared object with extension ".so" on UNIX. The attribute lib will generate a library file with extension ".lib" on Windows and a library file with extension ".a" on UNIX. Yes
failonerror If true, stops the build process if the task exits with a return-code other than 0. Defaults to false. No
is64bit If true, links a 64-bit application. Defaults to false (i.e. 32-bit target). No
objectdir Specify the directory where the object file(s) specified using the objectfile attribute are to be picked up from. No
objectfile The name of the object file to link the application from. Must not be used if nested mffilelist elements have been specified. Defaults to "". No
verbose If true, causes additional informational messages to be displayed by the task. Defaults to false. No

Parameters specified as nested elements


Use nested <mfdirlist> elements to specify directives to be used to compile the program(s). See mfdirlist.


Use nested <mffilelist> elements to specify the object  file name(s) to be included in the linked application. See mffilelist.


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