Cleans all the PL/I build artefacts created by the pli task.


Attribute Description Required
destdir The name of the directory where the build artefacts to be cleaned are located. Yes
destfile The name of the output file that is to be cleaned. No
desttype The type of the build artefacts that are to be cleaned. The value of this attribute must be one of "exe", "dll" or "lib". Defaults to "exe". No
failonerror If true, stops the build process if the task exits with a return-code other than 0. Defaults to false. No
verbose If true, causes additional informational messages to be displayed by the task. Defaults to false. No

Parameters specified as nested elements


Use nested <mfdirlist> elements to specify directives to be used to compile the program(s). See mfdirlist.


Use nested <mffilelist> elements to specify the source file name(s). See mffilelist.


Use nested <mfdestfilelist> elements to specify any additional build artefact(s) that need to be cleaned. See mfdestfilelist.

Errors and return codes

By default, the return code of a <pliclean> task is ignored. When you set failonerror="true", any non-zero response is treated as an error and means the build exits.


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