Create a Micro Focus library (of type .lbr) from one or more COBOL files.


Attribute Description Required
destdir The name of the directory where the library is to be written. Defaults to the current directory. No
destfile The name of the library that is to be created. No
desttype The type of executable that the linker is to produce. The value of this attribute must be "lbr" No
failonerror Stop the build process if the task exits with a return-code other than 0. Defaults to false. No
is64bit If true, creates a 64-bit library. Defaults to false (i.e. 32-bit library). No
lbrcommand Specify a custom link command to be used to create the library file. If specified, all other attributes are ignored and the cobollbr task uses the given command to create the library. Defaults to "". No

Parameters specified as nested elements


Use nested <mffilelist> elements to specify the object  file name(s) to be included in the library. See mffilelist.


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