MVS Macro Instructions

The MVS macro instructions supported for Assembler are divided into the groups described below. Please select the group you require.

The descriptions of the macros provided in this online help are intended just to remind you of their purpose and use. For full descriptions and background information you need to consult the IBM manuals:
  • OS/390 MVS Assembler Services Reference SC26-8265
  • OS/390 MVS Macro Instructions for Data Sets SA22-7201

The conventions used in the macro specifications are explained in the Key to Macro Instructions help topic.

Many macros are available in list and execute forms as well as the standard form. Some of the file handling macros are also available in generate form. The help topic for each macro states which other forms are available in addition to the standard form. The help topic for WTO provides syntax and examples for list and execute forms.

We provide stubs for some macros that perform no useful function on the PC. The stub code simply returns control to the calling program. The stub macros are as follows:





There are no help topics for these macros.