Sends each SQL statement to the database at compilation time.




Default: NOCHECK


CHECK requires that you also:
  • Set the DB compiler directive option, or identify the database using the DB2DBDFT environment variable.
  • If the connection to the database specified requires authentication, then the PASS compiler directive option is also required.


Used at compile time: Yes
Behavior at run time: N/A

See Scope - OpenESQL SQL Compiler Directive Options for more information.


Depending on your driver and/or DBMS and in certain circumstances, CHECK does not flag invalid SQL statements.

You can specify the [NOCHECK] statement prefix to disable CHECK on a per statement basis.

Important: For applications that use JDBC with the JVM Managed Runtime, be sure that your environment is configured appropriately. Otherwise, compilation could fail. See To create a JVM COBOL project for JDBC and Configuring the JDBC Run-time Environment for details.