Debugging a PL/I project

To debug a local or remote PL/I project you first need to create a debug configuration. This is a set of options and values that determine how a debug session runs and what values it should use.

  1. Click Run > Debug Configurations. The Debug Configurations dialog box appears.
  2. Select PL/I Application in the left side pane and create a new configuration by clicking on the New launch configuration button. Tabs that contain various debug settings to use for a configuration appear in the right pane of the Debug Configurations dialog box.
  3. Type a descriptive name for the configuration in the Name field.
  4. Enter the required settings for the configuration in the General, Common, Environment, Source, and Debug Symbols tabs. Click Apply after making your configuration settings.
  5. Click Debug (or press Alt+Shift+D then L) to start debugging.

This launches the CodeWatch application. See the section CodeWatch User's Guide for details on using CodeWatch to step through and debug your PL/I project.

The next time you want to debug the project, you can choose an existing configuration by selecting Run > Debug As.

Projects developed on a remote UNIX machine

To enable remote debugging using a PL/I Application debug configuration, you need to have an X window implementation installed and running before you start to debug, so that the output of a remote application running on a UNIX machine can be viewed on your local machine. You do not need X window for other debug configuration types.

Windows: Micro Focus ViewNow X is provided as part of Enterprise Developer. See Installing X Windows on Windows in the Installation section. Find the ViewNow X documentation on the Micro Focus Infocenter.