Configure program paths

You need to specify the directories and other details needed for the enterprise server to find deployed programs. To do this:
  1. Make sure the Server, Properties and MSS tabs are selected, then enter values into the fields on the JES > General tab, as shown in the table below. The paths you enter here point to the directory of your project.
    Field: Value to enter: Details:
    JES Program Path $PLIJCLDEMO\PLIJCLbuild.bin Path for the directory containing executable files to be run by your JCL jobs. This is the path to the folder of your project that contains the PL/I .dll files.
    System Catalog $PLIJCLDEMO\CATALOG.DAT Path and name of the system catalog. This is a file that holds the details of data files, their attributes and locations. If the catalogue file does not exist, it will be created with the name given when the JCL is submitted.
    Default Allocated Dataset Location $PLIJCLDEMO The default path for the directory where new data sets are to be created.
  2. Click Apply to save the changes.