Software requirements

A current version of Micro Focus Mainframe Access (MFA) Server installed. See Installing Mainframe Access Server and Configuring and Administering the Mainframe for more information.

An IBM supported operating system z/OS (V1.13 or later) is required, with the following components installed:

To run user applications requested via TCP/IP client calls, there may be additional optional software requirements depending on the application. Typical optional requirements are:

Support for Error Feedback (displaying compiler error messages in an Enterprise Developer error view) requires the following additional compiler options:

To compile CICS applications, a compiler supporting the CICS Transaction Server 2.1 or later is required:

To use the integrated CICS translator for COBOL, you must specify the compiler options CICS, LIB, NODYNAM, and RENT. To use the integrated CICS translator for PL/I, you must specify the compiler option SYSTEM(CICS).

To compile DB2 applications, a compiler supporting the DB2 integrated pre-processor is required. It can be used with DB2 V10 and above with:

This installation guide applies to V2R2U2 of z/Server. For this modification level, you need to run all address spaces at the same software level. Mixing this level with lower modification levels is not supported.

To run modeled ISPF applications using the AWM client successfully, the Language Environment run-time option NORTEREUS must be set as a system-wide default. z/Server does not support modeled applications when RTEREUS (instead of NORTEREUS) is explicitly set in CEEDOPT.

If running z/Server on a z/OS release prior to 1.13, correct behavior is not guaranteed. As a minimum, the ptfs for PK90754 with all its prerequisites must be applied (Prerequisite inside LE).