The z/Server configuration file

XML configuration file

z/Server uses an XML configuration file to store all of the configuration and properties that control how z/Server operates. It's these parameters that you will need to review before you can get your z/Server running.

Because the configuration is written in XML you can apply an XML Schema Definition (XSD) to the XML and validate the configuration before you even start z/Server with this configuration. This means that you can get the necessary information required for configuration from your Systems Programmer and create a working XML configuration file that has been validated to be correct well before setting up z/Server on your mainframe.

To make configuring z/Server easier there is a Technical Preview utility that provides a web-based interface for configuring and validating z/Server. With this utility you can create a new XML configuration file, edit it and then upload it to the mainframe ready for use with z/Server. You can also edit existing XML configuration files. This utility is available from the Product Updates section of the Micro Focus SupportLine site. To download the utility, once you have logged in to the SupportLine site, navigate to the latest version of Enterprise Developer and select z/Server Configuration Utility.

Alternatively, you can edit the XML configuration file yourself, and because Enterprise Developer for z Systems includes the matching XSD (in hlq.ZSERVER.CONFIG(IVPSCHEM)), you can use an XML editor to validate your XML configuration file against the XSD. There are also a number of web sites offering XML validation services for free where you can upload the XML configuration file and schema, or alternatively simply paste in the contents of the XML configuration file and schema. These provide instant feedback on the validity of your XML configuration file.

Legacy configuration files

Legacy configuration files are still supported. If you want to continue to use them, full details of their use are contained in the version of the z/Server Installation Guide that accompanied Enterprise Developer for z Systems 2.2 Update 2, available from the Micro Focus Product Documentation web pages.

To continue using the legacy configuration files or to optionally switch back to it you simply need to perform the following steps:

For the holder (TAURHLD):

  • Comment out, or otherwise disable, the CONFXML and CONFOSR DD statements.
  • Reinstate the CONFIG DD statement in the JCL.

For schedulers and user servers (TAURISPF, IVPUSRT, CEASCHED and CEAPROC):

  • Reinstate the IPCONFIG DD statement in the JCL.

You must only have the relevant DD statements active for the configuration file type you want to use. If you try to start z/Server with both types of configuration DD statement, the holder will fail to start and you will see the following error message in the MAINTASK DD:

ZCF0059E 11:08:45.603 Definition of old and new
configuration is not allowed.

Instructions in the rest of this documentation assume that you are using the XML configuration file. Refer to the version of the z/Server Installation Guide that accompanied Enterprise Developer 2.2 Update 2 if want to continue to use the legacy configuration files.