Demonstration Applications

Attention: This feature is in Early Adopter Product (EAP) release status. We intend to provide the finalized feature in a future release. Please contact Micro Focus SupportLine if you require further clarification.

The CICS Web Services feature is EAP for development and testing usage. It should not be used for production deployment in this product release

Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments only.

Components of the Reverse, InvokeReverse, and LoanDemo applications are provided for these tutorials.

Reverse Application
The Reverse application is a CICS COBOL application that takes one or more character strings as input, reverses each of them, and sends the reversed strings as output.
InvokeReverse Application
The InvokeReverse application is generated from an existing WSDL file. With it, you invoke the Reverse application running in an enterprise server region.
LoanDemo Application
LoanDemo consists of a CICS application, LOANPAYM, that simply accepts a Principal amount, a Loan Term amount, and a Rate amount. These three input values are required to calculate and return a Monthly Payment amount.

Demonstration Files

The demonstration files are provided by means of a project template named CICSWebServicesProjectTemplate_Eclipse. This template is located in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\Samples\Mainframe\CICS\Classic\CWS directory by default.

Projects created using the template contain several folders and files required to complete the tutorials; however not all of the files are used in every tutorial:

.cobolBuild, .cobolProj, and .project
Eclipse template files used to create each tutorial project.
A CICS COBOL program used to create a CICS Web service provider using the bottom-up method.
A copybook that contains the input structure for the LOANPAYM program.
A copybook that contains the output structure for the LOANPAYM program.
A copybook that contains the business logic for the generated Web service.
An Enterprise Server template used to create an enterprise server region on which to run CICS Web services.
Initially empty, this folder is created and configured to contain generated files generated by Enterprise Developer. Initially, it does not appear listed on the project.
A resource definition file that defines the resources required to run the Web service on Enterprise Server.
A Web Service Description Language file that describes a CICS Web service.
A basic SOAP configuration file used for the provider pipeline.
A basic SOAP configuration file used for the requester pipeline.

Project Configuration

Projects created using the provided template are configured to use the following settings. All other settings remain set to their respective defaults:

Output path
This is set to write generated files to the loadlib project folder.
Build path
Includes all folders in the project, ensuring that the compiler finds all required components.
Set to build the project using the CICS preprocessor.
Character set
Set to use the ASCII character set.
Set to use the Micro Focus COBOL dialect.
Sets the mode to word-storage by setting the IBMCOMP compiler directive.