Configure IMS

Register the resource definition file, load the IMS database, and import IMS transactions. These three procedures are required to successfully run and interact with an IMS application on Enterprise Server.

Register the Resource Definition File

IMS supports two transactions named /CIC and /IMS respectively. They are defined in a provided resource definition file, dfhdrdat. When you register this resource definition file, it enables your enterprise server region to switch back and forth between CICS and IMS modes. This is required to run the MFDEMO application.

In general, we recommend that you leave the provided dfhdrdat file intact in its default location, and copy a new instance of the file into each project that requires it.

  1. Copy the default resource definition file installed with Enterprise Developer, dfhdrdat, from its installation directory to your project's system directory. The default installation directory for dfhdrdat is %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\cas.
  2. At an Enterprise Developer command prompt, change to your project's system directory.
  3. Enter the following command:
    caspcupg /dp=.

Load the IMS database

  1. In the Team Developer Tree View, right-click DEMO03DD.DBD; then select Database Utilities > Load.

    This starts the Load IMS Database window.

  2. In the Input/Output file name field, type DEMO03DD.DBU; then click OK.
  3. View the Console view for confirmation of the load.

Import IMS transactions

When you migrate an IMS application from the mainframe to Enterprise Developer, one of the required mainframe files is the stage 1 file containing your IMS transactions. In this demonstration, we have downloaded the MFDEMO stage 1 file for you, and then exported its contents to a flat text file, trancode.txt, which is part of your project. You need to import this flat text file into the standard data file used by Enterprise Server, named imsgen2.dat. You do this by running the mfims stage1imp command as follows:

  1. In the Team Developer Tree view, right-click the TRANCODE.TXT file, select Move and then select the loadlib subfolder and click OK.
  2. At your Enterprise Developer command prompt, change to your project's loadlib directory.
  3. Enter the following command:
    mfims stage1imp trancode.txt

    This command creates or updates the imsgen2.dat file in your project's loadlib directory.