PL/I Perspective and Projects

The first step in developing PL/I applications in Eclipse is to create a PL/I project. PL/I projects in Eclipse are like other Eclipse projects. A PL/I project is a representation of the source files (with dependencies) and build commands used to create your application or program. You create a project using a wizard and the resulting project is displayed in the PL/I Explorer view, from where you can open your source files.

When you first start Enterprise Developer, you are presented with Eclipse's Welcome page which contains a few shortcut links for the most common type of applications you might be developing. To continue with developing PL/I applications, click Open PL/I Perspective. Perspectives are an Eclipse concept. They present the views, menus and options relevant to your activity. When you load the PL/I perspective, it shows the PL/I Explorer, the Outline and Console views, among others. The perspective is customizable, so you can choose your own views.

The PL/I perspective is associated with developing PL/I applications and can be opened every time you create or open a PL/I project.

If you need to switch to the PL/I perspective from other perspectives, click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other, click PL/I and then click OK.

You can also develop PL/I applications from the default Team Developer perspective, click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other, click Team Developer (default) and then click OK.