Releasing the SPFEDIT serialization ENQ

When a client starts to edit a member of a partitioned dataset, z/Server locks that member against simultaneous edit from a 3270 TSO user by serializing against the resource SPFEDIT/data_set_name(member_name). That ENQ is held by the command task of the scheduler address space the user server belongs to.

If for some reason the client does not finish the edit process, the member stays locked. In the past another client used the Dequeue function from the context menu for the dataset member to release someone else's serialization. To reduce the integrity exposure of this (client) function, the following command can be used:

F <scheduler|userserver>,SPFDEQ,DSN=<datasetname>,MEM=<member>

It will release the ENQ that protects against parallel updates of the same dataset / member by different users. The CMDTASK DD statement will contain the following messages acknowledging deletion of the resource:

SLR0044I  08:46:21.693 Dequeue for Major-Name SPFEDIT  and Minor-Name DATASET.NAME                                MEMBER 
SLR0046I  08:46:21.694 Dequeue successful                                                                          
Warning: Only use this command if you have made sure that the original owner will not edit the dataset or member any further. Otherwise you risk the data integrity of your datasets.