Update the BookLegacySkeleton class

  1. In the DynWebTest1 project, open BookLegacySkeleton.java in the editor.
  2. To allow the methods that are being added to be found, after the package line type:
    import com.company.project.Book.BookOperation; 
  3. Each of the methods have the following code:
    // TODO : fill this with the necessary business logic
     throw new java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException( "Please implement " 
        	 + this .getClass().getName() + "#nextBook" ); 
    Replace the appropriate throw statement with the appropriate return statement.
    Important: Axis2 may generate the methods in a different order and so care is needed when pasting the return statement into the correct method. Alter the stockNon parameter so that it fits with the one in that particular method.
    public com.company.project.booklegacy.BookReturnE nextBook(
    			com.company.project.booklegacy.StockNoE stockNon) {
    		return BookOperation.nextBook(stockNon);
    	public com.company.project.booklegacy.BookReturnE readBook(
    			com.company.project.booklegacy.StockNoE stockNon) {
    		return BookOperation.readBook(stockNon);
    	public com.company.project.booklegacy.BookReturnE deleteBook(
    			com.company.project.booklegacy.StockNoE stockNon) {
    		return BookOperation.deleteBook(stockNon);
    	public com.company.project.booklegacy.BookReturnE addBook(
    			com.company.project booklegacy.NewBook newBook) {
    		return BookOperation.addBook(newBook);
  4. Click File > Save All.

Everything builds cleanly.