Validate the WSDL

It is important to use the validation tool to ensure the WSDL conforms to the standards, otherwise you might encounter issues during the creation of the server code from the Axis2 tool.

  1. From Project Explorer, right-click BookLegacy.wsdl, and then click Validate.

    This opens the Validation Results dialog box, reporting any warnings or errors. You can see the detail of the warnings and errors in the Markers view.

You should only have one warning:

WS-I: (BP2120) A binding has operations that are not unique.

This is an incorrectly presented message that indicates there are multiple operations which have the same parameter types. It is not an issue for this application and the warning can be ignored. See Eclipse Bug 70481 for more information.

This completes the creation of the WSDL, it is used later to generate the server side code.