Tutorial: Create and Configure an Eclipse Project

In this tutorial, you create an Eclipse COBOL project to use as you complete the remainder of these tutorials.

Before attempting this tutorial, you must complete Tutorial: Create a SQL Server Database.
Launch Enterprise Developer for Eclipse
This procedure varies depending on your Windows version. If you need instructions, see To start Enterprise Developer.
Create a New COBOL Project
In this set of tutorials, you create a COBOL application that uses ODBC, and the OpenESQL ODBC runtime.
  1. From the Eclipse IDE, click File > New > COBOL Project.
  2. In the Name field, type OESQLAssistantTutorial.
  3. In the Location field, specify a directory in which to store the project; then click OK.

    Eclipse creates a new project named OESQLAssistantTutorial.

Create a COBOL Program
The new project contains no programs, so you need to add a new program to use in a later tutorial.
  1. From the COBOL Explorer, right-click the OESQLAssistantTutorial project and select New > COBOL Program.
  2. Click OK. This creates a default COBOL program named Program1.cbl and compiles it automatically.
  3. Close the Program1.cbl file.
Set Project Properties
By default, this application connects to the database via ODBC. To provide optimal cursor behavior, including isolation level and lock concurrency settings, you must set the BEHAVIOR parameter for the SQL BEHAVIOR compiler directive option.
  1. From the COBOL Explorer, right-click the OESQLAssistantTutorial project and select Properties.
  2. Expand Micro Focus > Project Settings > COBOL > SQL Settings.
  3. Check EXEC SQL.
  4. From the Preprocessor Type drop-down list, select OpenESQL.
  5. Scroll down the Settings list, and select BEHAVIOR.
  6. From the Value drop-down list, select ANSI.
  7. Click Apply.

This concludes this tutorial. Please continue with Tutorial: Set OpenESQL Assistant Configuration Options.