Starting Scan64

Restriction: This topic applies to UNIX environments only.
The format of the command is:
cblscan64 [-v] [-m] [-t tfile[-l tlist]] filename
cobscan64 [-v] [-m] [-t tfile[-l tlist]] filename
where the parameters are:
Internal addressing information is displayed. This can be useful to our support representatives.
Include modifier information.
The COBOL header file that contains COBOL call prototypes for entry points called within this program.
The resulting template listing file with any diagnostics from parsing the COBOL header file.
The intermediate code file to be analyzed. You can specify the filename with or without the .int filename extension. If you omit the filename extension, .int is assumed.
If you enter cblscan64 (Windows) or cobscan64 (UNIX) without parameters, the available options are listed.