Installing the IBM WebSphere Plug-in


The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) has support for only a limited number of deployment targets by default. To enable the use of IBM WebSphere with JVM COBOL Web services, you need to install a plug-in, which is available via the Eclipse Marketplace. To install the plug-in:

  1. Launch an instance of Eclipse.
  2. Click Help > Eclipse Marketplace.
  3. In the Find box, type wasdev and press Enter.
  4. Click Install next to the adapter called IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.5 Developer Tools for Juno.
  5. On the Confirm Selected Features page, click Confirm.
  6. On the Review Licenses page, accept the license agreement, then click Finish.

    The WebSphere Developer Tools are installed for Eclipse.

  7. Click Yes when prompted to restart Eclipse, to finish the installation.

You now have the ability to create a dynamic web project, which links to an IBM WebSphere server instance.

Note: This is not a full installation of IBM WebSphere; it simply allows you to enable WebSphere with JVM COBOL Web services. The full installation of IBM WebSphere is beyond the scope of this tutorial.