Creating a Filter to View USS Files

The USS Explorer applies filters for the z/OS UNIX subsystem USS.

  1. In the Remote Systems pane, expand the entry for your mainframe.
  2. In the USS Explorer, create a new filter:
    1. Right-click USS Explorer, point to New and click Filter.

    2. To define a filter which displays all USS folders and files, enter a slash character in the folder field as shown below and click Next:

    3. Enter a name for the filter (for example All for all jobs), and then click Finish.

  3. From the USS Explorer, expand the All filter a few times and navigate through the USS directory.

  4. USS functions like edit, browse, copy, move, paste, delete, rename and others are supported and can be selected from the context menu (right-click a USS entry). For copy and paste, cross-system support is available.