Migration for the initial user server REXX procedure (IVPINIT1)

There have been extensive changes to the IVPINIT1 REXX procedure and you need to customize this new REXX procedure to fit your installation. See Optional customization for more information.
Note: IVPINIT1 is a sample exec that should be merged with any local exec, if it exists. Some allocations which previously were made in the user server are now made in the IVPINIT1 REXX procedure. If the new IVPINIT1 REXX is used, the allocations of the ISPF temporary dataset and ISPTLIB must be removed from the user server's JCL. If you need to allocate temporary datasets when starting the user server, this has to be done in IVPINIT1 and not in the user server's JCL. Micro Focus strongly recommends that you use the new IVPINIT1 as using the old IVPINIT1 could result in unforeseen data corruption in certain situations.