Creating service interface projects

The Interface Mapper is the tool that enables you to define your service interfaces. You can define a service interface for a COBOL application from a COBOL program itself. The service interfaces you define can cover a broad range -- from those that provide access to a subset of the functions performed by your application, to interfaces that do more than your application in its original form.

In order to use the service interfaces feature, you must first create a native COBOL project configured to support them. Once this project is in place, you use Eclipse IDE functionality to do the following:

The Interface Mapper IDE is split into two parts, the left side presenting what we refer to as your COBOL fields. These are in the form of COBOL entry point fields. On the right are interface fields, reusable fields, mappings, and assignments.
Note: To see the Reusable Fields and COBOL Assignments panes, you must turn them on. See To set Interface Mapper preferences for more information.