Configure the Enterprise Server

Now you need to configure your enterprise server instance to enable it to run AACT Assembler/CICS application.

  1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Edit to the left of the row for the AACT enterprise server.
  2. Go to the Server > Properties > MSS > CICS tab.

    Some of the values on this page have definitions that come from the enterprise server template you used. You need to replace them with values that are needed for your application.

  3. Type ASMSIT into the System Initialization Table field. The ASMSIT is provided for you and contains all of the resource information necessary to run the AACT application.
  4. In the Transaction Path field, specify the location of the generated output files:


  5. In the File Path field, specify the location of the AACT files:


  6. In the Map Path field, specify the location for BMS output files:


  7. In the Resource Definition File Path field, specify the location of your dfhdrdat resource definition file:


  8. Click Apply.

    At this point you have enabled Assembler and CICS support for this enterprise server and specified the appropriate resources and locations of the relevant files.

  9. In Enterprise Developer, close Enterprise Server Administration.