Setting IPTRACE level

The IPTRACE level is set using the configuration parameter IPTRACE at startup. It is recommended to run at the lowest possible trace level. IPTRACE can be changed dynamically using the following command:

F <holder|scheduler|userserver>,TRACE,LEVEL=x

x is a positive integer between 0 and 6. Zero denotes no tracing, 6 is full tracing. Every subsequent trace level includes all lower trace levels.

DD statement CMDTASK (for scheduler and user server) or MAINTASK (for the holder address space) show confirmation:

F <scheduler>,TRACE,LEVEL=4 
IPC0066I  12:27:46.579 Trace level changed to            4

Full tracing in a highly loaded z/Server system can generate a large amount of output data and can lead to JESx spool problems.