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Enterprise Developer supports IBM COBOL, IBM PL/I, IBM Assembler, IBM CICS, IBM IMS, IBM JCL, IBM DB2, IBM z/OS file formats and common batch utilities, including SORT. This means that you can develop and maintain the core mainframe online and batch applications under Enterprise Developer. You can then deploy these applications back on the mainframe or migrate them onto one of the Micro Focus Linux, UNIX or Windows-based production platforms.

Micro Focus offers Enterprise Developer with the following licensing options that unlock different functionality:

  • Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Personal Edition

    Enterprise Developer Personal Edition is a free product, available for download. It is suitable for anyone who wants to become familiar with the Eclipse or Visual Studio means of editing and compiling mainframe applications under Windows.

  • Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Connect

    Enterprise Developer Connect is for customers looking to use modern and productive Eclipse-based tooling to develop mainframe applications directly on the mainframe. Close integration to mainframe configuration management systems and the ability to easily customize the Eclipse-based IDE to include mainframe-based tools and processes means developers can take full advantage of modern development tools without having to learn new development processes.

  • Micro Focus Enterprise Developer

    Enterprise Developer is for customers looking to develop and modernize mainframe applications in a productive and modern Windows-based development environment, targeted for deployment onto an alternate server platform. Developers have the choice of either the Visual Studio or the Eclipse-based IDE and development and test tools are provided for all target environments currently supported by Micro Focus.

  • Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for z Systems

    Enterprise Developer for z Systems gives customers the choice to develop directly on the mainframe or under Windows. Mainframe applications can be developed, maintained and modernized regardless of where they will be deployed, either back onto the mainframe or onto an alternative server environment. Support is provided for both the Visual Studio and Eclipse-based IDEs and for all the development and test tools for every target environment currently supported by Micro Focus - including z/Linux, AIX and x86 environments.

    Enterprise Developer for z Systems combines all the capabilities of Enterprise Developer Connect and Enterprise Developer.

    Full mainframe integration and the Application Workflow Manager are only available in the Eclipse-based IDE.

If you are new to Enterprise Developer:

We recommend you start with the Getting Started. This includes a number of tutorials that will walk you through the major components of the product and will provide you with information about how to use the IDE to develop mainframe applications. The Getting Started includes the following items:

  1. A basic tutorial, which uses a mainframe application to guide you through using the IDE to develop, build and debug both an online and batch application.
  2. A tutorial that walks you through the mainframe integration capabilities.
  3. Additional tutorials that show you how to use the IDE to develop different types of applications - for example, how to create and use different mainframe projects that contain CICS, IMS, PL/I and JCL.

The Welcome section also includes:

  • An Introduction to Eclipse, a guide of the major features of the IDE aimed at Micro Focus users who are new to Eclipse.
  • Information about the sample programs available with this product and about the Samples Browser application.
  • Details about the Micro Focus Cheat Sheets installed with Enterprise Developer.
  • An overview of how to move existing mainframe applications created with earlier Micro Focus products into Enterprise Developer.

The Application Workflow Manager section in General Reference explains the mainframe integration and mainframe modelling features of Enterprise Developer for z Systems.

You should also read the Help on Help topic for details on how to use this documentation.