Installing as an Upgrade

This release works concurrently with the previous version of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components, so you do not need to uninstall it.

Install the latest version in a different location and set the environment to point to it. To do this, run the Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components installer with the –installlocation option:

  1. Execute the following command:
    ./InstallFile -installlocation="/opt/microfocus/EnterpriseDeveloper"
    Note: You can use variables when specifying an absolute path for –installlocation. For example, the following examples are equivalent:
  2. Execute cobsetenv to set the environment and point to the new install location:
    . /opt/microfocus/EnterpriseDeveloper/cobsetenv
    Note: cobsetenv is only compatible with POSIX-like shells, such as bash, ksh, or XPG4 sh. It is not compatible with C-shell or pre-XPG4 Bourne shell.