Issues with Remote Mainframe Development

The following topic lists issues with the remote mainframe development functionality.
Port not saved after restarting Eclipse
Sometimes, after the first connection definition, the port you use to connect to the Mainframe is not saved. To work around this issue:
  1. After you have defined your mainframe connection, explicitly connect and disconnect from the Mainframe.
  2. After the first restart of Eclipse, ensure that the port is correct.
The tree view in MVS Explorer does not open
You receive an internalGetChildren error when you try to open the tree view in MVS Explorer. To resolve this problem:
  1. Verify your filter definition, disconnect and then connect to the Mainframe.
  2. If this does not solve the problem, restart Eclipse.
Panels containing Panel REXX processing produce a panel error

Customers using the Launch ISPF function under the MVS Explorer in the ED Remote System view need the IBM PTF for APAR "OA46529: ISPP336 ERROR DISPLAYING PANEL WITH *REXX PROCESSING" to be installed on z/OS.

Without this PTF, panels containing Panel REXX processing produce a panel error.

The IBM PTF is expected to be available on Jan 16th 2015.

IBM's PTF UA75804 causes ISPF dialogs in a user server to stop working. If you have this PTF installed, contact Micro Focus SupportLine to obtain a fix for this issue.

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